Summer rain totals for our April; ups and downs of spring


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – What is going on with the month of April? It’s supposed to bring showers, right?

Last year we only had 0.79 inches of rain and this year, we may end up with the driest April on record. Before we get into the stats, why don’t we talk about our last Monday of the month. It’s an important one because we have a full moon, which you may want to check out this evening. This afternoon, temperatures are going to be close to our average for late April. Highs likely in the lower 60s, with a few spots pushing the mid-60s if they get a full day of sunshine.

I want to show you the temperature trend real quick because the temperatures again soar by midweek. What is coming with the warm weather? More dry weather. You’re catching on to the theme of this article.

We have some movement out there right now! Check out the visible satellite through late morning to mid-day. We have a variety of clouds and also some cyclonic flow out there over the Pacific. You can see that there are cracks in the clouds over the Willamette Valley. Those should become more open as the evening moves in. I would expect more sunshine by late afternoon and evening.

Here are some of the views around the valley as of lunch time. It’s always neat to pair the satellite with the webcams, so you can get an idea of what the clouds look like from multiple vantage points. We have a view of Stoller Winery and downtown Portland. A field of clouds around Portland, is leaving us with a choppy sky. You can tell the sun wants to push through the clouds and as we start to dry this afternoon, we should open up the sky more.

We definitely want to clear out the clouds because we the super pink moon is going to be coming up out of the southeastern horizon tonight. It will be at it’s peak illumination at 8:32 p.m., but you may have a better chance to see it later at night. There is nothing like a 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter moon to take photos of. By the way, the moon won’t actually be pink.

The first question that you may be asking yourself, will we have a clear sky? It’s likely that we have some clouds hanging around still. Especially east of Portland, which means that view looking to the east may be slightly obstructed. Most folks should have a nice view tonight to check out the super moon. Check the futurecast weather model below. Notice that the clouds are hanging around the Cascade foothills and the east side of the counties. Plenty of open sky for the Oregon coast and those of you around wine country. Clear conditions out near The Dalles and those of you in central Oregon.

As the clouds dissipate, the moisture also hits the road. We are going to start drying up for the remainder of the week (outside of Friday). That means we have another dry stretch coming for our April. We are really looking like a summer month here. It’s been just about as warm and just as dry. Check out the April rain calendar, updated to today. We’ve accumulated just 0.29 inches of rain this month. It was the wettest weekend by far, which isn’t saying much at all.

Our normal spring rain total for the months of March and April is over six inches! For the three months of March, April and May, we should be somewhere around 8.88 inches. Will May bring us back to earth? Right now we are sitting at 1.84 inches. We have some ground to cover.

Right now, it is likely that we finish the month off as the driest April on record. We will see what Friday can bring, but it’s not looking good. The current record is 0.53 inches, set back in 1956. As I mentioned above, 2020 was very dry too. That is number four on the top five list that you can see below. It seems likely that we end up with 2020 and 2021 in the top five. What does this mean for the rest of our spring? Unless we end up with the wettest May on record, we are going to fall below our spring average.

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