PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Well, don’t look back now, those toasty summer days are behind us!

Summer is coming to an end Thursday and we will have to just focus on the fall season that is moving in. There is still a little juice in the forecast for Portland this week as temperatures jump back into the 80s for the next few days.

There is a disruptive area of low pressure dropping south to the coast of northern California. That low will pull the clouds from up north and it will help clear up the sky around northern Oregon on Monday. That sunshine will be important for us, as it will help us warm up.

However, it’s a cool start in the Willamette Valley as we will start with temperatures in the 50s. By afternoon, temperatures will warm to the lower to mid 80s for Portland and most of the northern Willamette Valley.

That low will cut from the main flow of the jet stream, leaving it south for a few days. It eventually gets pushed northeast around Wednesday. That means we have a few days before we have any more interference around here.

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