PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We have a gusty and wet morning come our way on Wednesday, especially for those of you that are out the door quickly.

A fairly strong front will push east across the Willamette Valley, creating a rainy environment from 4 a.m. through the morning commute. Behind the initial front, we keep a strong onshore wind. This is going to be enough to provoke a few more showers through the day.

There will be a strong wind from the jet stream, which is going to also cause some windy conditions at the surface. Expect breezy conditions from the coast to the John Day River Basin. You will find the Futurecast and the forecast zones in the slideshow below.

The Oregon coast will be exposed to a gusty southerly wind. The wind will push to about 40 mph. There is a Gale Warning until 11 a.m. from Cascade Head north. Expect a wet morning with a dry afternoon.

The afternoon may even provide us with some sun breaks, with temperatures about 8 degrees cooler Wednesday than Monday and Tuesday. The wind is also going to be in and out through the valley with more of a kick than most days. The wind will be the strongest through central Oregon and over near Pendleton. Wind may gust to 40 mph or even a step above that.

Snow levels Wednesday will drop to 6,500 feet. It will be mostly rain for the passes, before it does transition over to snow on Thursday. Rain totals are going to be around a quarter-of-an-inch down in the valley. There may be a few spots that end up with more or less. Either way, you will want that rain jacket!