PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We are starting our Sunday with more sunshine, as we continue our third dry and sunny January weekend. Temperatures will be slightly colder in the morning, feeling more like winter to start the day than to finish.

Expect more locations to be in the lower to mid 30s by 7 a.m., with temperatures to hover in the 40s for the Oregon coast. It will be a cool morning walk for anyone that wants to get out for a Sunday jaunt. Depending on your location, the daytime high may vary.

We are expecting temperatures in the 50s for the valley, with some highs pushing the 60s for the Oregon coast. Central Oregon will top off in the mid 50s, but it will be select. The forecast is still calling for a cold day for Hood River and The Dalles, because of morning fog and clouds. We have another temperature inversion setting up, which is going to keep areas of the Willamette Valley foggy this week.

If you swipe through the graphic slideshow below, you will find the visibility forecast for the morning. Notice that the Willamette Valley is going to be more clear than foggy. The dense fog will be an issue through the lower Columbia Basin all morning. There is a freezing fog advisory in place until 1 p.m. Sunday. This will again inhibit the temperatures from warming up much. The visibility forecast is limiting the visibility to a 1/4 mile from Hood River east to The Dalles and Pendleton. Be wary if you have to do some local travel to the east or out west from that part of the state.

How about rain? Not a chance! We are under the spell of high pressure this weekend. Futurecast will show a few high thin clouds moving through in the morning, but nothing that will produce rain. Not only will we have sunny skies for the afternoon, it should be an equally picturesque finish to our Sunday as it was on Saturday. Get your cameras ready — we have another sunset coming our way.