Sunday’s weather project: Clearing out the wildfire smoke


Details for Sunday, September 5, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – If you’ve been wondering when the wildfire smoke is going to be leaving the area, that answer is Sunday. Onshore flow kicks into action, with a weak front moving in and the wind increasing, which should shuttle most of that bottled smoke out of here.

There are still going to be sections of the state that have to deal with the wildfire smoke, so it isn’t completely out of the picture. Check out the multi-level smoke forecast for Monday evening. Wildfire smoke is still going to be in the forecast for Pendleton and Baker City. Areas of central Oregon, including The Dalles, are also in the target of passing wildfire smoke.

The forecast around the valley is where we will see the most significant improvement. There will also be improvement for areas of southwest Washington, because of the wind pattern. Air quality will still be hampered in the areas that are close to the wildfires in the Cascades (eastern Marion and Linn counties) and for sections of the state that are hot and smoky (Pendleton).

Before we get to the temperatures for the day, I want to show you the weak front that will be hanging around in the early hours. It’s more than likely there will be some showers around the northwest Oregon coast and potentially south to Lincoln County. The morning clouds and patchy rain will break as the front dissipates. This type of front will bring in some clouds for Portland, but it doesn’t appear to bring in much moisture or cooler temperatures. It mostly stalls out around the coast and breaks down.

I would also call it fair game for some light around around the Columbia River corridor through the coast range. Areas like Seaside, may have a hard time getting much sunshine today. We will keep clouds around Clatsop County for most of the day. We may bring some clouds through the northern Willamette Valley, too. South of Multnomah County looks to be in the safe zone, with little cloud coverage and more weekend sunshine. Most of the shower activity should be out of the picture by the evening hours.

You can check out the day planner, but I would actually be more prepared for some of those passing clouds in the evening that we can see in the weather model above.

Other than that, it will be mostly sunny to sunny Sunday afternoon. Temperatures should be about 5 degrees cooler than Saturday, with highs in the lower to mid 80s. I don’t think we fall below 60 degrees overnight, so you should start your morning in the lower 60s versus the 50s that we’ve seen on and off. The forecast continues the beautiful streak of outdoor weather. The afternoon breeze should kick in and that will run around 5 to 10 mph, out of the northwest.

A significant cooldown for the northwest Oregon coast Sunday, because of that aforementioned front bringing in the clouds and patchy showers. Temperatures from Astoria down to about Tillamook, topping in the lower to mid 60s. That is going to be about 10 degrees cooler than Saturday’s high. For Tillamook, it’s possible the high temperature is about 15 degrees cooler. You can see that we are also a notch cooler Sunday in the valley. Temperatures still in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees east of the Cascades.

Not much of an impact to temperatures for you all in the Lower Columbia Basin. Your Labor Day weekend should stay warm and hazy. Hood River will be right in between, with temperatures probably hitting the mid 80s today. Warmer as you drive to the east, with a slight cooldown if you drive to the west. Either way, the weather will be favorable for an outdoor adventure or a bite to eat downtown.

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