Sunshine for days as summer pattern supports outdoor weather


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Not too cool and not too warm, we are right in the sweet spot for the weekend.

Temperatures will kick up a few more degrees today (and Monday) as high pressure keeps most of the clouds out of here. Sunshine should start early and stick around until sunset. With a sky full of sunshine today, you may want to get some of your more strenuous activities out of the way early. I do want to mention that the sunshine will be cranking for the coast too, unlike a few of the summer days in July where the clouds have stuck around for areas like Seaside. There will be a few, but it shouldn’t be overcast and it won’t be a stubborn deck of clouds. That means it may be a great spot to wrap up your weekend or to start the new week on Monday.

This is the current weather pattern, which is exactly why we are not too cool or warm. We are right in between an area of low pressure to the northwest and a building ridge to the east. This is providing a steady stream of air aloft out of the southwest and carrying to the northeast. There isn’t anything to interfere with that right now, which means the forecast isn’t going to change too much. That ridge will offer a little more space for this trough to move east by Tuesday or Wednesday, bringing in cooler afternoon temperatures and potentially some more clouds.

For now, we are on the fringe of the heat, with temperatures in the mid-80s for the Portland area today. What you see right here is just about what you’ll see with the weather pattern as we get to Tuesday, too. Not a lot of changes coming and not a lot of rain in the forecast, in fact there isn’t any rain. Right now, it doesn’t seem like rain is going to be part of our weather story this July.

But wildfire smoke is part of the weather story this month. We have a large veil of smoke circulating around that ridge from the weather pattern above. The aforementioned southwest wind is going to continue to transport the wildfire smoke to the north and east. For now, this means we won’t be dealing with much of a haze around the Willamette Valley. However, it will be an ongoing issue for Baker City and for you folks over in Pendleton.

This is the way that wildfire season is going and without a substantial pattern shift, which is unlikely in the summer, this is going to be the outcome most days. The wind will be blowing at the surface out of the northwest. Wind will be strongest in the later afternoon and evening hours. With the wind coming out of the northwest at the surface, the wildfire smoke closer to the surface will transport south and east.

This day planner in the graphic below looks like a July summer day, right? The Oregon Coast will be hovering around the mid-60s today with warmer temperatures in the valley. They continue to get warmer as you travel east, with temperatures in the lower- to mid-90s. With that large ridge that is to the east, those cities that are on the far east side of the state will be running warmer. If you are one that enjoys a beautiful sunrise and sunset, you should have both of them today.

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