The bomb cyclone left its mark, but now it’s time to dissipate


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Turbulent conditions this afternoon will keep the weather energized as the weekend bomb cyclone starts to fizzle out.

There is still plenty to discuss this afternoon even as that system starts to reach a phase that is weaker. Waves of moisture and power waves continue to crash into the Pacific Northwest coast. A lot of that moisture is going to migrate to the valley and the mountains this afternoon and evening. Rain jackets are going to be useful and you’ll want to plan on a wet commute.

Will there be as much wind? Just as much wind but it will not be as intense. The wind doesn’t calm down until Tuesday.

Check out the swirling system that is perched over the edge of British Columbia. That is the remaining effort of the bomb cyclone from the weekend. There is a second mass that is moving in from the west, which will keep the forecast wet on Tuesday. The tracking of the event is starting edge south, which means another wet system for California.

This is another visualization of what is moving in our direction this evening. If you take that white cloudy mass from the visible satellite and construct a graphic using moisture, you can see that there is another river coming our direction. Just as the satellite loop is depicting above, that moisture will start to drop south into California as it progresses towards the west coast. That doesn’t mean we won’t tap into that moisture for our Tuesday. This system will still offer plenty of rain for Portland and those to the south.

I want to focus on the remainder of today because the strong wind can still create a thunderstorm or two. Most development is expected for the coast, but it can’t be ruled out in the valley in the afternoon. Thunderstorms may produce heavy rain but also lightning. You need to make sure to be indoors during these thunderstorms that develop. Cycle through the slideshow below to get an idea of the activity that is anticipated in the afternoon. Cells approaching the coast range look to be the most intense this afternoon. By evening, as conditions continue to lose steam, the storm threat will reduce. At this point of time, most of the lift will be over the Cascades. We can expect mountain snow and foothill rain by the evening hours.

The ski resorts are going to rake in on the snow for the higher elevations through the week. Expecting multiple inches down near the base, but a foot or more for the chairlifts and ski runs that are higher in elevations around 7,000 feet. The snow recreation is right around the corner!

For those of you that live out along the Oregon coast, be wary of the high surf advisory that is in place until the overnight hours. Aggressive surf with large waves can come crashing in today. This is a time that you don’t want to be particularly close to the rocks or edges where the waves can come in. The wave height should improve on Tuesday as the remaining core of low pressure from the bomb cyclone balances out. Swipe through the graphics to see how the wave height improves by Tuesday morning. You can tell how scrappy the waves are in the image of Lincoln City this afternoon. This is a sign of the fall and winter months as the water becomes energized and lively. Stay very alert this time of the year.

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