PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Onshore flow is controlling the forecast for the next few days. Portland will have a steady stream of clouds in between moments of sunshine.

When you take off for the day, assuming it’s before noon, it will be a bit cloudy. The clouds should break by late afternoon and early evening. This is going to be the warmest part of the day and also the brightest. Temperatures may have a hard to warming for the first part of the day. Daytime highs should reach the mid to upper 60s Monday afternoon. We will refrain from any showers.

Northwest flow should keep conditions nice and clear for central Oregon on Monday. You will wake up with more blue sky than the rest of us. That will carry over into the afternoon as well. There may be a few clouds over in the Pendleton region in the early morning. That should dissipate through the day.

Clearing around the Willamette Valley will happen from the south up to the north. The northwest Oregon coast will have a harder time removing the clouds. I would expect it to be gray for most of the day. Better luck for the Oregon coast to see some sun breaks on Tuesday.

Swipe through the graphics below to see the Futurecast and temperature outlook. You will notice that there isn’t much of a warm up from the morning to the afternoon.

The Dalles may sit in a 5 degree window for most of the day. What you get in the morning will be similar to what you get in the afternoon. That goes for the Oregon and Washington coast. Temperatures will sit in the mid 50s.