PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Afternoon temperatures will climb Wednesday afternoon across the Portland metro area as the Rose City expects to see its first 70 degree temperature since October 20, 2022.

Wednesday will mark six months since Portland has experienced an afternoon high in the 70s.

Heat wave continues to build over the western U.S. this week

This is just the start of the building heat wave in the Pacific Northwest this week. Temperatures will continue to climb by Friday, where record-breaking heat is likely.

Record-breaking heat possible by Friday in Portland

The old record for April 28 sits at 82 degrees, which was set back in 1998. That record is threatened as forecast models lean towards an afternoon high in the mid-80s Friday. Not only will Portland and the surrounding area see warmer temperatures, but it will coincide with bright and sunny skies.

KOIN 6 Weather Alert Day issued for Friday in Portland as record-breaking heat remains possible

This will be the first real taste of summer Portland’s seen in half a year. Now is the time to prepare for heat-related risks.

Interior car temperature vs air temperature as dangerous heat returns to Portland

Look before you lock! Don’t leave people or pets in your vehicle over the next several days. Outdoor temperatures might feel mild, but the interior of a car can quickly become dangerous within a matter of minutes.

Dangerously cold waters continue this week despite warming atmospheric conditions

Those trying to find relief from the heat at the river should look elsewhere this week. Warming temperatures are rapidly melting Oregon and Washington’s mountain snowpack. Rivers will be running higher, faster, and colder than normal. Cold water shock could leave even the best of swimmers in danger if a life jacket is not used.

Warmer and sunnier skies will be a big mood booster to those who enjoy the warmth responsibly.