PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Lingering showers remain as cooler and drier weather returns to the Pacific Northwest Tuesday.

Portland is already about halfway to its average monthly November rainfall just in the first full week. Rain accumulation is already near 3 inches. On average, November brings 5.45 inches of rainfall to the Rose City. The rainy weather begins to slow Tuesday across the Pacific Northwest.

Temperatures will remain in the mid- to upper-50s Tuesday. Lingering showers will remain during the morning hours for some, but drier air begins working its way back into the region.

The thunderstorm potential also falls off the map for western Oregon and Washington. That will be the case through the middle of the week as skies continue to dry and temperatures begin to fall.

Winds will calm Tuesday as well. That’s where winds will remain out of the southwest. This comes as high pressure begins to build over the Pacific Ocean.

The coolest day of the week will fall on Thursday when temperatures drop into the low- to mid- 50s. These drying skies are expected to last through the late-day hours Thursday. That’s when another round of wet weather is expected in the Pacific Northwest.