Thunderstorms, some hail possible this afternoon


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We continue to monitor our threat of thunderstorms into the afternoon as cold air aloft supports the development of stronger cells in the region.

We’ve already had a few thunderstorms billowing up for the Oregon coast and a couple coming off the coast range down to the 30 corridor. I definitely think it is possible that we have some hail today, mixing in with some heavy bursts of rain. Generally, these cells are moving from the southwest to the northeast.

The thunderstorm potential has expanded from the Oregon coast to areas of the Willamette Valley for the afternoon. Previous forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center had the threat for today just around the coast.

We’ve previously talked about the potential for this to carry over to the valley in the previous weather blog. The main concern is going to be the heavy rain and potential hail, which could impact your travel around the region today.

We should start to see a drying trend once we get through our Tuesday as conditions stabilize a bit to the west. The satellite is keeping our region busy, but we should find high pressure trying to move in from the southwest after today. Notice the ability to see the ocean off the coast and extending well west of California.

Although there may be some spots today that are totally dry and sunny, it is just helping fuel some of the storms later in the day. The extended forecast for the late afternoon and early evening as a wave of energy moves through is going to support some more hard-hitting storms. The broken clouds with the sunshine is offering up some energy to work with.

We have our final push of this trough late tonight which is going to keep the rain in the forecast and also more mountain snow. This is when snow levels will drop and the snow will start coming down for the passes. If you move through the slideshow below, you can find the extended forecast for 11:30 p.m. tonight.

The winter weather advisory that was in place yesterday has also altered slightly. Extending into the foothills a bit more and that is the case to the north as well. Travel through the passes will be snowy, and that snow will likely be as low as 1,500 feet. Some of the higher elevations could pick up as much as a foot of snow. This will slow down Wednesday morning once everything starts to clear out.

This is a look at the estimated snowfall for the mountain passes for Tuesday night. By the time Wednesday morning comes along, snow totals will likely be a bit higher after a nights worth of snow. We haven’t had to deal with much snow for the mountain passes recently, so this is going to be a reminder to have the traction tires and chains ready for travel.

It is the same rush of cold air that is leaving the coast and valley with thunderstorms that will be helping us out with snow in the mountains. We do have some drier days coming, but we watch the extended forecast for more winter weather.

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