PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – An exciting few days as cold air and moisture brought moments of low elevation snow in the Willamette Valley. We’ve had plenty of snow for the mountains and the coast range, too.

The moisture that helped fuel that winter weather is now depleted. It won’t stay that way Thursday, but we will start it off dry. It will be a change of the recent pace, but of course it is December and it won’t stay that way for long. You won’t have to worry about the wet conditions Thursday morning outside of a few stray showers and potentially some snow up in Skamania County.

Clouds begin the day, but we are also hopeful for broken clouds and some peeks of sunshine. It does look like we will have a stronger onshore flow which may lead to some development for the coast and the Cascades by evening.

It was a windy Wednesday, but the wind should improve Thursday. We will have a gentle east flow coming out of the Gorge in the morning. This will shift out of the southwest by night and it will drop off in intensity.

With the east breeze in the morning, it may feel pretty chilly out there to start the day. Gloves and a winter hat will be useful for the kids and if you’re moving around shortly after sunrise. The wind does pick up east of the Cascades today, but the wind should settle around 5 to 10 mph in Portland.

Temperatures will be in the 30s across the board outside of the coast. A few spots below freezing around Madras and down south to Bend. Those of you out near Baker City will also have a cold morning. Afternoon high temperatures return to average, in the mid 40s. It’s about that time where the Oregon coast stays warmer than the valley, as the Pacific Ocean keeps the temperatures up.