PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We continue to swim in the cooler and cloudy weather of the dipping trough. That’s the drop in the jet stream that has remained the main generator of our weather early this week. It continues for another day, as it seems like the trough is being slowed down from moving out for another day or two. That means you can expect more clouds overhead before we get to some sunshine.

We will have a hole in the clouds by afternoon, turning sunnier. Portland will have a gray sky to start the day though as you get going. There may be a few isolated showers out there too. Nothing too wet. Nothing like Wednesday morning.

Temperatures will be in the lower 60s as you head out the door. You can find the lower 70s by early afternoon. If the sun comes out to play early, we should hit the upper 70s. Not quite to the average, but that is getting close. Even on a cloudy day we are feeling temperate. Temperatures will again be the warmest for the lower Columbia Basin on Thursday. Highs warming to the mid to upper 80s. Fantastic weather for The Dalles and down south to areas of Madras.

If you have plans to head out to the Oregon coast, you will need to prepare for more clouds. Hopefully, it will be thin enough for some shades of blue for the afternoon too. I think areas like Lincoln City and even areas of Oceanside can break in the clouds.

Have a great Thursday!