PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – After a day of clouds and cooler 70-degree weather, Portland invites the sunshine and summer temperatures back to the forecast.

There will be a moment of morning clouds, eventually turning over to sunshine by late morning. As low pressure continues to cycle west of Oregon, the temperatures are expected to warm.

This disturbance should settle far enough from the coast to allow for some of the warmer air to the south and east to build back into the Willamette Valley.

Temperatures to start around the lower 60s in the morning. Great for an early morning bike ride or to just get out early on a hike.

Expect a calm wind that will jump out of the northwest at 5 to 10 mph. By the time lunch hours come moving in, we will have temperatures in the mid-70s around here.

Expect the day to top back off in the 80s, working to the mid-80s for a lot of neighborhoods.

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There will be less thunderstorm activity developing across the state today. After some heavy storms pushed through Tuesday night, and then hung around on Wednesday, the storm threat should push mostly out of the state today.

There may be a few isolated storms that bubble up near the border of Oregon and Idaho by afternoon. Temperatures are expected to reach the lower 90s from The Dalles over to Pendleton this afternoon.

Have a great Thursday!