PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We kick off the first day of September with temperatures that are more like July and August (yes, we’re just one day removed).

We could use a strong onshore wind to help bring in some of that cool ocean air, but not much luck coming our way for the day.

Expect temperatures to start mild and end very warm. Portland is expected to see temperatures in the lower 90s for the day. The normal high for this time of the year is 80 degrees!

It should be a cooler morning to help cool conditions a bit more than what we had early on Wednesday. You may also see a few morning clouds as the marine layer fights inland, but just won’t make it full. You will see some clouds out on the Oregon coast in the morning. The Oregon coast will warm to the mid-60s by afternoon. You can find more about the forecast around the area in the slideshow below.

Of course, still no rain in the forecast. This is going to be a day that will feel eerily similar to most days this August. You will need SPF sunscreen for another day. Any sort of after-school activities will be warm.

Swipe through the slideshow below to see the weather setup and the last two weeks of temperatures!