PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We are definitely not cooking to start the month of June. It’s been a slow start this year as far as finding a taste of summer. The warmest day so far came in at 81 degrees.

That is no big deal at all because the cooler weather also means we have been trending wetter. It also means that snow on the mountains is holding firm longer.

But remember we had 8 days in the 60s last June. Portland had a full week of 60s from June 5 to June 11 before we started to bring in the summer weather.

What was coming shortly after that cool stretch was something drastically different (we will explore that this month = heat dome). With all that in mind, it should be noted that it’s hard to tell what exactly how this month will play out.

Summer is a few weeks out and this could all turn in a hurry. Take in this “comfortable” weather while you can.

Check out the June heat tally from the last few years. We had just about an average June in 2020, before exploding to one of the warmest June years on record (2015 has a warmer average high). The average high temperature when it’s all said it done in Portland for the month of June is actually 74.3 degrees. Even with the rain and clouds this weekend, we aren’t that far behind this year.

We may have our second 80-degree day of the year coming Tuesday. The forecast is calling for a 10 degree jump on Tuesday. Outside of that minor shift from slightly cool to above average, we aren’t going too far up the thermometer. We are expecting temperatures around average through the week.

This weekend there is a window of uncertainty where we may be trending cooler or potentially warmer if we have a shift in a ridge of high pressure. We will have to check back in as weather data finds a common ground.

You can see exactly what I’m talking about in the weather pattern slideshow below. Tuesday we have short-term ridge that will buckle north up into southern Oregon. This will help warm us up for the day.

Swipe over to Friday, where you can see the fair split between a building ridge to the southeast, and a ball of low pressure up to the northwest. That gradient of southwest wind should keep us mild but it will also aim some moisture into our region. If that ridge can shift west more, we may be on the verge some warm air. If it happens to continue to push east, we may have a cool weekend as that trough takes over. Interesting!

I think we are going to potentially favor the average to cooler forecast.


Portland brought in a nice cargo of water this past weekend. It was enough to jump our rain total nearly half an inch above average. Many locations around the northern Willamette Valley and into the western Gorge picked up a half an inch of rain to one inch of rain in just 48 hours. That doesn’t always happen in the month of June. It’s a good start, because some years, we may not even see much rain at all.

There will be a chance for more showers this week and potentially into the weekend. It would be great if we can get that push over the one inch mark by next week!

Before we close this out, take a look at the most recent drought monitor update. There is now a hole over areas of Morrow and Umatilla counties. Talk about making progress from such a deprived state. Unfortunately, we still need to get more of that water to areas of Central Oregon. The exceptional drought continues to impact 11.8% of the state. It goes without saying that this will not be “fixed” by the summer. It’s going to take a lot of time to help repair this type of drought.

In the meantime, it’s at least encouraging to see another section of the state in that drought-free category. We will catch back up on this near the end of the month.