PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Strong wind whipping through the region Wednesday is wreaking havoc around the Portland metro area.

While getting ready for work, a North Portland woman was startled when a tree crashed through the roof of her home. A huge, top section of a coast redwood tree on the property smashed right into her kitchen.

Chenney Gruber told KOIN 6 News that she was in a different area of the house when she heard and felt the huge crash, which was about a 40-foot section of the tree smashing through the roof, the attic and partially into the kitchen.

“I honestly had no idea something like this could happen,” said Gruber.”It’s such a huge, old tree. It’s been here for over 100 years.”

A tree company was on a job further down the block when it happened. The tree climber heard the impact and came running over to check on the homeowner.

“It came from the top,” said Chris Hall, an arborist with Monster Tree Service. “It split from one trunk into multiple trunks. And any tree that has that usually needs support systems like cabling or de-weighting.”

Gruber said her family is sad to see the tree go but is relieved there was no structural damage to the house.

In the fall and winter trees are dormant, which arborists say is the best time to get them inspected and trimmed.