PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — We’re going to try to take down another 90-degree day here in the Willamette Valley Tuesday.

Yes, it’s September — but we can still see a few 90s out there early in the month. It does get a bit more difficult as the month goes along.

This is due to high pressure that continues to build out west, allowing for a warm air mass to take over. With this perched area of high pressure, temperatures are expected to be warm for at least the day. However, the extreme heat is going to be more evident and pressing for California and the desert southwest.

The Willamette Valley will be above average about 10 to 12 degrees. There will be a brief moment of easterly wind Tuesday, mainly aloft. That will help warm us up and dry out conditions around the Cascades. Most locations will be working with a northwest wind at the surface.

Swipe through the slideshow below to get an idea of the temperature in your neighborhood.

There will only be a few clouds in Tuesday’s forecast. Most locations will be as clear as can be.

Wildfire conditions will worsen through the day as temperatures jump and the relative humidity drops.

Stay cool out there!