PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – There is a song that blows through the Pacific Northwest (PNW) in the fall and winter months. It’s created by the wind and blowing rain that decorates the terrain this time of the year. We should hear it again Tuesday, with a round of wind and showers.

The wind starts strong for the Oregon coast. You may have wind gusting to near 60 mph for communities south near Newport. You shouldn’t blow over around the valley in the morning, but by afternoon, do expect blowing leaves and that whistling sound. The wind comes in out of the southwest on Tuesday. Weather models are pushing wind gusts to the lower 30s for the Greater Portland metro area.

Swipe through the graphics below to see the active weather alerts for Tuesday morning. The wind will be cranking east of the mountains, too. A high wind warning and wind advisory in place until 10 a.m. for central and northeast Oregon. The strong gusty conditions will slow down by afternoon, allowing for the wind alerts to expire. It will still be breezy at this time, but not as strong.

The wettest part of the day is actually going to be before sunrise. Shortly after sunrise, we may have a moment of broken clouds around Portland. There will still be showers in the Gorge and for the foothills of the Cascades. Morning snow for the mountain is likely, too.

Weather models are pushing for another shower or two by Tuesday evening. You should prepare for a passing shower by dinnertime. There could be a round of downpours and thunderstorms out near the northwest Oregon coast at this time. Take a gander at the weather pattern graphic, we have a steady westerly flow coming which is going to allow for spotty showers and clouds. Temperatures stay around the mid 50s on Tuesday from the coast to the valley.