Turning up the heat as we get closer to the weekend


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – You may be thinking it’s time for fall, but our first week of September is pushing that thought out the window. We jump back to August (not really) for the next five days, as we bring some of those warmer temperatures to the forecast.

Temperatures in the lower to mid-50s to start the day, but the warmer air will arrive by the afternoon. Expect those highs in the valley around 83 to 85 degrees today. It’s going to be a bright morning and a bright afternoon. Expect sunshine across the board today, with a bit of a haze trying to work through the day. If you have the afternoon free, you can go grab a bite to eat at one of the food cart pods under a sunny sky and relatively warm temperatures by lunch.

A northwest wind around 5 to 10 mph, lower 70s for that mid-day hangout. Here in the valley, we will be in some of the warmer temperatures across the state today. Cooler for the Oregon Coast with highs in the 60s. The lower 80s around Hood River and extending east in the Gorge. Temperatures hanging out in the upper 70s for Madras and those in Central Oregon today.

How about some Oregon State Fair fun? If you’re looking for an outdoor event that has a ton to offer right now, this is your spot. If you head out there earlier in the day, it shouldn’t be too warm, but it does pick up in the afternoon. You may need to get a cold beverage and find some shade if you’re out there for an extended period of time. The high down in Salem should be in the mid-80s both days. Maybe go check out some of the animals? Maybe listen to some music? Whatever you choose to do, be ready for the sun.

The extended sunshine and heat are due to building high pressure. That is the number one weather headline for the next week. High pressure promotes subsidence (sinking air), which tends to dry conditions out and warms up the temperatures. If you can’t tell, it’s a forecast for being outdoors. Hiking, sports events, park hangouts — it’s the type of weather that should take you outside right now. If you’re doing some local traveling or you want to visit a few spots heading into the weekend, expect a similar forecast.

Let me show you that ridge of high pressure, so you can visualize what is going on the next few days. In the weather pattern graphic, there is a mountain forming just to the west of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). That is the ridge that is forming and moving in our direction. Notice a small pocket of yellow to the east, which is the back edge of the trough that is leaving. This means we will actually be warmer in the valley than to the east. The Lower Columbia Basin has been warmer than the rest of the state many days this summer, but not today. We will have more wildfire smoke trying to move back Thursday, but it won’t be a permanent establishment.

There will be some locations that have to deal with more smoke than others, and that will be the communities closer to the actual wildfires that are producing the smoke. Also, areas in southern Oregon will tap into the wildfire smoke from California too. It won’t be that noticeable around here, but a haze is likely as we move into the afternoon. This means we may have more of an embellished sunset tonight (more orange). For those of you in Central Oregon or far south points of the Willamette Valley, you may want to check the air quality level if you’re going to be out and about for an extended period of time today.

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