PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The wolf is giving birth. Pineapple rain or even sunshowers. These are just a few of the unique names given to a common meteorological event Oregon and Washington experienced Sunday.

Heavy rain could be seen falling across the Portland metro area over the weekend while sunshine fought its way through the clouds. Most people may refer to these as sunshowers, but different parts of the country and world have fun and unique names when these opposing weather events happen. 

A mix of clouds, rain, and blue skies over Portland Sunday afternoon, January 8, 2023

Just a few of the unique and wild says heard across the world are:

  • The wolf is giving birth
  • The Devil has a parish fair
  • The rabbits are giving birth
  • The witches comb their hair

Meteorologists don’t really know where these sayings come from, but speculate their origins to stem from folk stories.