PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Some refer to Labor Day as the unofficial end of summer, but we still have plenty left in the tank.

After a weak disturbance cuts east overnight, conditions will cool and clear for Monday morning. A northerly wind near the surface should prevent much cloud coverage for your morning commute. Of course, we may have a few clouds around, especially closer to the Columbia River.

With a mostly clear sky, this will allow for temperatures to drop to the upper 50s again for another morning. Expect highs to warm to the lower 80s on Monday as slightly cooler air takes over.

No rain in the forecast for the day. We had a spritz or two over the weekend for the coast, but Monday should be completely dry. Temperatures should hit the lower 70s for areas like Seaside and even south to Lincoln City with the warmest air coming out of central Oregon. Highs push 90 for The Dalles and Madras.

Wind will pick up out of the east on Tuesday, bringing in a warmer and drier environment for the Willamette Valley. Monday will be the day to be outside as it will be a bit warm on Tuesday!

Swipe through the slideshow below to get an idea of some of the weather headlines for the week.

Have a relaxed Labor Day!