PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you’re waiting for the technicolor leaf show, you’re not alone.

We are so close to seeing the leaves change over. This is usually around the time of the year when we are peaking — but the warm summer-like weather is stalling out the process. Those of you who like to engage in a colorful fall hike, be on your toes because that process will pop quickly. We are near our peak now and that transition should come sooner rather than later.

Currently, you may see a patchy spot here or there. Especially the top of the trees! There may even be a handful of trees that have already committed to change. However, that full-on brush of color is still lagging behind the typical timeframe.

Below, you can see the fall foliage map through the last seven days. Notice that there is moderate color in those spots out east. The Willamette Valley should be entering that category in the coming days.

Notice that the fall colors forecast has been upped to near peak and peak in the next two weeks. This is all based on timing and weather.

Unfortunately, we could fall into a post-peak category quicker if the weather is windy and more impactful on the leaves. We could use a few more cool days to help push these eager leaves ahead.

Right now, the out-the-door forecast is great for getting outside. However, you will still have to hunt for the true beauty of the colors. Only a select location or two has the full colors of yellow, orange and red. Those days are coming.

If you check the upcoming forecast in the graphic below, you’ll notice that we have some rain entering Friday night into the weekend. This will be our transition from the warm summer weather to the cool fall weather. This should help turn those colors.

We now just have to be hopeful that we have some dry and sunny days on the other side of this rain to enjoy the colors.

The forecast trend is calling for closer-to-average or even cooler-than-average temperatures from Friday into next week. With those leaves having a hard time transitioning, it may come quickly — but you will at least get the flannel and sweater weather that you may have been yearning for.