PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Warmer weather returns to Portland’s forecast this week.

Some of the warmest temperatures of the year are expected Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be the start of the warming trend, but afternoon highs will remain below average.

Portland’s forecast high Wednesday with morning shows and afternoon sun

A weak front will keep temperatures in the low 50s Wednesday. That will also increase the chance of a few light rain showers. Rain accumulation will be less than .05″ Wednesday in Portland.

After the frontal passage early Wednesday morning, skies will begin to clear.

Forecast rain totals from Wednesday morning to Wednesday night in western Oregon and Washington

Downsloping, easterly winds will help dry and warm Portland above average Thursday. That’s where afternoon highs could get as warm as 60 with clearing skies.

It’s been nearly four months since Portland has seen an afternoon temperature of 60 degrees or greater

If Portland hits 60 degrees this week, it will be the warmest temperature seen since November 4, 2022. Portland typically sees afternoon highs in the mid-50s in the month of March, but the temperature trend has been below average since late February.

March’s below-average temperature trend in Portland

While temperatures have been colder than normal this year, last year was warm. Portland saw its first 70-degree temperature in the month of March. That was back on March 27, 2022.

KOIN 6 Meteorologist Josh Cozart shares the first 70-degree temperature recorded in Portland in March last year

Portland’s average daytime high and overnight lows are expected to remain below average for the next six to 10 days. That squashes the possibility of making it to 70 degrees in March this year compared to the first 70-degree day seen in the metro area around this time last year.