PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – When you wake up this morning you’ll feel the essence of June gloom, low clouds and cool temperatures. Have no fear, the sunshine will appear by the afternoon.

Temperatures along the coast will be in the 60s, while the valley will see temperatures in the lower 80s. The onshore flow, aka winds from the west, will also help to move the smoke and haze off to the east through the weekend. The push of marine air will continue, and humidity levels will also rise — which could help fire efforts in the gorge.

However, as westerly winds increase in the gorge, any new fire starts will be prone to take off quickly. Don’t light stuff on fire, please.

A red flag warning is in effect Saturday 11am to 11pm for portions of northeast Oregon and Central Oregon. Thunderstorms are expected to bubble up east of the Cascades Saturday. There won’t be a lot of moisture tied to these storms. That means there’s an increased risk of fire starts from lightning and erratic winds.

It’s gonna be a sizzler this weekend for southeast Washington. A heat advisory is in effect Saturday through Sunday across the lower Columbia basin of Washington due to temperatures reaching the low 100’s!

Over the next week we don’t see any significant heatwaves for Portland or the rest of the Willamette Valley, so you can expect a dry, warm summer to continue.