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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you’ve enjoyed the drop in temperature and the scattered showers, we have another round coming today.

In fact, today may be the day that we have the greatest chance for rain around here. We will be starting the morning mainly dry, but we can’t rule out a few showers around the Cascades or coming off the ocean.

I expect there will be some locations that have a nice sunrise today. Snow levels will be down to the 4,000 to 5,000 feet range, but there won’t be much snow to come by. Although morning showers are possible, they will be isolated to scattered at best.

It may be worth grabbing the jacket with a hood today. When we do have a few showers, they may be moderate to heavy at times too. You don’t want to get caught out in that without a hood.

Cycle to the evening hours in the slideshow and it looks like the showers will be more developed by the afternoon and evening. This will be our best bet for some rain around here this week. Do you see the snow in the futurecast for the southern mountains? This is actually going to cause a winter weather advisory for some of the higher elevations south of Deschutes county. The cold air will keep us unsettled through the day.

Rain totals should be larger than what we picked up on Tuesday. Weather models are hoping for something around .05 to .10 inches for the Willamette Valley. Some may pick up on more if a moderate to heavy shower crosses by or if a few of them do. The Oregon Coast continues to see the rain totals increase for the week. Will we double our rain totals from before the week started? There is an opportunity for that.

The weather pattern shows a ridge behind our current pool of cold air. That will help dry us out near the end of the week and into the weekend. Right now that trough is right over us and it extends south to California.

This broad area of low pressure will eventually kick out of here around Friday. Thursday may even bring in a few scattered showers around here. Temperatures start to increase later in the week as well. This has been more of a traditional spring week for the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Temperatures actually a bit cool, but we will take the spring showers while they’re here.

Speaking of temperatures, it will be a cooler day in the neighborhood. Temperatures are likely in the lower 60s. Weather models are trying to project temperatures in the 50s. I wouldn’t expect us to be that cool, but if we have enough showers and the sun breaks are limited, we may have a few spots that have a hard time hitting 60.

The wind coming out of the west around Portland at 5 to 15 mph. A stronger wind to the east and for the Oregon Coast. A northwest breeze keeps cool temperatures for the communities up and down highway 101 today. It will feel more like an earlier spring day or something like an early April day for us.

Temperatures rebound by Friday and into the weekend. Right now our average high should be around 70 degrees and we may be a good 5 to 10 degrees below average for the next day or two.

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