PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Tired of being cold and soaked? Too much of a good thing can be bad, like drinking too much water at once and getting hyponatremia.

We have had 2 months in a row now of above normal rainfall and below normal temps. I don’t think you want the extreme heat of last summer but a happy medium would be great. Time to get our money back.

Earth is always trying to achieve a balance, hence global circulations. As of Thursday this is the 6th coldest May on record (54.0°). It’s apples to oranges right now as we still have another 2.5 weeks left of this month. The coldest May on record in Portland occurred in 1964, with a mean temp of 52.6. 

Now, consider we haven’t had a tropical island break yet from the cool, wet weather. In fact, April boasted an average temperature of 49.7 degrees, which is below the 30-year normal for the month by -3.1 degrees… and 2011 was even colder! Read more about those stats in this article.

On to the forecast today: Welcome to Friday the 13th, a lucky day really. We start out dry. Then our next warm front arrives sometime in the late afternoon/evening delivering light rain first. It’s expected to become heavier overnight into early Saturday morning. 

Temperatures will reach the upper 50s. Weekend temps will be in the mid to upper 60’s, but showers are still in the picture. 

Rain totals forecast for Friday are about 0.20″, like our totals today at PDX. Snow levels soar above 7,000′ over the weekend. 

Records: Portland almost tied a record for low maximum temperature Thursday (56°). The record remains 54° (1999). Seattle did break a record for a daily low max temperature of 51°. That breaks the old record of 53° set in 1999.

Scroll through the slideshow below to get a peak at our latest drought update and our game forecasts for Hops, Thorns and Timbers.