PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Wednesday morning you’re waking up to the low 60’s under mostly cloudy skies in Portland. If you’re at the coast, especially the Washington coast, you may be a little misty. No need to cry, it’s just the weather.

The afternoon becomes partly cloudy with daytime highs in the valley in the low 80s again, just like the day before. Don’t get too complacent though. We get progressively warmer each day. 

The hottest days will be Friday through Sunday with temps reaching the low 90s. More heat means more dry vegetation, aka dry fuels. At this point, there are no watches, warnings or advisories locally for dry, hot weather.

Our pals in California are going to have a rough ride this weekend. So, if you plan to travel south get ready for some extreme heat.

An excessive heat watch will be in effect Friday through Sunday from Shasta Lake through the Sacramento Valley for temperatures ranging from the upper 90s to almost 115 degrees! Forget about camping. Their overnight temperatures will stay in the 70s and 80s.

Let’s all take precautions when we are recreating this weekend, whether you’re in Portland baking in the low 90s or boiling in California. Be aware of heat-related illnesses and always drown your campfires.