PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — We did it again! Multiple records were tied or broken Wednesday. PDX topped off at 80° breaking a record of 78° from 2006. Troutdale tied its record of 80, last set in 1991. And Eugene tied a record of 79° (2006).

Thursday will again reach temperatures at or above 80°, 10-15 degrees above normal. Along with that sunshine, you’ll see smoke and haze and a more noticeable wind from the NNE. That offshore flow will pick up its pace Thursday in the afternoon near the Nakia Creek Fire in SW Washington.

Breaking records will be easy this week. More 80s continue through the weekend.

A blocking ridge will keep us dry and abnormally warm. There is no rain in the immediate forecast. Air quality may settle in the moderate category for Portland over the next few days.

Got 80s on the mind?

KOIN 6 does too, and so do our viewers.

A viewer on Twitter asked: “With so many 80+ this month that don’t normally get, how many 80 or greater for the year does this put us at v. avg # 80+ degree days ytd?

My answer to this viewer’s question won’t tell you the entire heat story. To do that we would need to examine the average of all the highs and lows for the year. For now, I will address this viewer’s specific question.

We must consider that Portland is normally done with its 80-degree days at this point in the calendar. In fact, we have never recorded a temp at or above 80° in the months of January, February, November, or December dating back to 1940. We normally have temps at or above 80° in the months of July and August and just under 80° in June and September. Again, judging the heat for a year by using 80° or higher as the denominator doesn’t tell the whole story.

The following stats are based on a period of record from 1940 to 2019 for Portland Airport, according to the NWS Portland Climate book. Stats after 2019 are considered preliminary.

What is this year’s total number of days at or above 80° in Portland?
82 days (as of 10/12/22)

What is the normal number of days at or above 80° for an entire year in Portland? 

54 days (1940 – 2019)

What is the record most number of days at or above 80° for an entire year in Portland? 
90 Days (2021) not included in the Portland climate book. The previous record from 1940 – 2019 is 88 days (2015). 

Going beyond the climate book: There were 63 days at or above 80° in 2020 and 90 days in 2021.