PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — This weekend’s weather is brimful of hazards to your health. Record heat, an extended air quality advisory, and red flag warning. We will surely break more records for temps this weekend with highs reaching the mid 80s.

Red Flag Warning: Our windiest day will be Saturday. Although Portland is not included in the red flag warning, our local wind speeds could reach 25 mph. The mountain foothills where fires are burning will be the windiest with gusts to 40 mph. 

Warmest October on record? It’s tough to compare apples to oranges but just hear me out. Right now, our monthly average temp to this date (highs and lows combined) is 66.9°. At this rate, we could end up as the warmest October on record.

Air quality advisory was extended through Monday night.

The warmest average monthly temp on record for October is 60.1° (2015). Granted we’re in the middle of the month and it could be dramatically cooler for the last two weeks, so the average will no doubt change. We won’t be anywhere near a normal temp until Friday with our chance of rain for the weekend of Oct. 22 and 23.