PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — All good things must come to an end. Yes, I’m talking about summer days that are user-friendly. Here we go, another heat wave. Saturday is our “warm up” day. By the time you’re sinking your teeth into that roast beef sandwich for lunch, Portland will already be in the 80s. By the afternoon, we’ll likely be wiping our brows in 90-degree heat, or approaching mid 90s.

This will be our third heat event this summer. On the bright side, this will be short — lasting Saturday through Monday. Nothing like that late July heat wave that lasted eight agonizing days with multiple triple digit days. Heads up, the hottest day is likely going to be Sunday, up to 100 degrees. Then we’re on the downhill Monday, yet still above 90.

A fire weather watch is in effect Saturday for the Willamette Valley region and Columbia River Gorge. A heat advisory begins Sunday and ends Monday night.

A flip flop of wind direction will give our skies a hazy, gold color with a stronger offshore flow. At this point, there is no air quality advisory. It will likely be more of an optical disappointment if you’re hoping for stellar mountain views. Stay with KOIN for air quality updates.

Even though we’ve been forecasting this heat well in advance, let’s face it, heat waves cost money. Funny, that saying about money burning a hole in your pocket is taking on a new meaning. Yes, it’s the cost of electricity and if you have kids or other dependents, it’s finding ways to escape the heat if you don’t have AC. This week, I’ve been thinking about how much money summer owes me. Not my friend Summer, but the season.

If you would like to analyze how much weather disasters are costing your region, go to the National Centers for Environmental Information website.