PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Our endless summer is extending its stay.

Portland, again, broke another daily record Thursday: 84° (Previous record: 81° 2004). In all, Portland has spent four days this month cracking vinyl and we could repeat this pattern through the weekend.

Friday morning wind-sheltered areas could drop into the 40s while PDX and east-facing exposed bluffs will likely stay above 50°. By the afternoon we’re feeling a repeat of warm temps at or above 80, hazy and smoky, with a northerly wind and east winds aloft.

The Nakia Creek Fire will push smoke westward causing a brownish haze over Portland and poor air quality at times. Unhealthy air is expected downwind of the fire. The air quality advisory for the greater Portland metro is scheduled to expire Friday night. The air quality advisory for SW Washington will remain in effect through Monday.

Fire growth concerns: This Saturday the east wind wants to take off. Wind speeds could exceed 20 mph. Saturday will also be the warmest day in the mid-80s. This is the worst time to be dealing with wildfires.

Fire Weather Watch for the weekend: This is for the western slopes of the WA Cascades from the northern edge of Cowlitz County north. This is due to low humidity and higher wind speeds over the foothills and crests. Basically, wildfires will gain momentum during this time.

Records broke Thursday



HILLSBORO              87        80 SET IN 1991/1961
VANCOUVER              85        81 SET IN 2004
MCMINNVILLE            85        80 SET IN 1939/1917
PORTLAND (AIRPORT)   84        81 SET IN 2004
TROUTDALE              84        79 SET IN 1991
EUGENE                 81        79 SET IN 1936
PORTLAND (DOWNTOWN)   81      80 SET IN 1939