PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Wednesday may be the day that we break our six-day stretch of measurable rain for Portland.

We could use a dry day to help rivers recede… and we could use a dry day to enjoy some outdoor activities and lounging. This is your time to get the yard mowed and the lawnmower prepared for the next mow.

Expect clouds around in the morning, but these shouldn’t be enough to block out the sunshine. High pressure should keep the Willamette Valley shielded from any major disturbance for the day. It is going to be a short-lived change to our forecast, because that high pressure is breaking down quickly.

If you sweep through the graphics, you can find the temperatures and the weather conditions for your area. As that high pressure breaks down later in the day, we will again open the door for some clouds and showers coming in from the Oregon coast.

You know how I said you may want to prepare that lawnmower for more mowing? Well, the grass is likely to grow pretty quick by the time we get to the weekend. Any sort of moisture that arrives on Wednesday will likely stay out near the Oregon coast and it should be light and brief. Wednesday will be more dry than wet.

Temperatures will be near 50 degrees to start the morning. We may even fall into the upper 40s for a short period of time. The average morning low is 54 for Portland for mid June.

Although we’ve had cool afternoons, the overnight temperatures have been pretty close to average. Depending on the amount of sunshine that we have today, we may hit the mid 70s.

Our warmest day this week won’t even make our top 5 list for the year (77-81). Warmer air for the lower Columbia basin with temperatures nearing 80 degrees. Have a great Wednesday.