PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Expect winter weather in some form Wednesday morning as moisture moves in with cold air funneling in from the Gorge. This may be enough to bring some snow down to the valley floor around daybreak to noon.

Temperatures should warm enough to prevent any snow after that point of time. A Winter Weather Advisory is in place until noon. Some folks up in the hills, closer to 1000 feet, may pick up multiple inches of snow. This includes areas up in Clark County Wednesday morning. This will also impact the Columbia River Gorge and the mountain passes.

Bundle up when you leave the house and make sure to have a heavy rain jacket because it’s going to be wet and windy. Read more about the snow forecast here.

Temperatures are going to actually be warmer around sunrise before they drop as heavier rain comes through. That rain is going to help cool down the surface, opening the door for snow to mix down. We are still expecting those on the west side to have a greater chance for that snow.

Temperatures will be nearly 40 degrees for the Oregon coast, with a gusty southeast wind. The wind will make the temperatures feel colder, the wind will blow that rain around and it will be soggy morning for you folks. A cold morning out in Baker City, with temperatures below freezing east of the Cascades.

If you cycle through the temperature and wind graphic, you will notice that Portland doesn’t want to warm up to 40 degrees on Wednesday. It’s possible, but if we do connect with the southerly wind, we should get the bump. If not, expect the upper 30s.

Moments of heavy rain on Wednesday afternoon and evening, which means we will have a wet commute home, too. It’s possible that we have a transition from the rain to a snow and rain mix by 7 a.m.

This is more likely to happen closer to the 8 to 10 a.m. window for Portland. Plenty of snow coming down for the Cascades by morning and also the coast range. I wouldn’t rule out the hills to the south near Marion County to see some snow, too. The moisture hangs around for most of the day, with even the possibility for heavy rain by dinner time. It is definitely a day to have a rain jacket and some winter gloves available.