PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – There will be little movement in the forecast in the coming days.

What does that mean? Wednesday is just about set, with the exception of a few small details regarding rain late in the day. When you get going in the morning, the temperatures will again be chilly.

The Portland metro area will likely be in the lower 40s, but there may be some spots in the Willamette Valley that drop to the upper 30s. We’re not anticipating any frost, but it may be nice to grab that puffy jacket in the morning.

The afternoon will start to usher in more clouds. That is because we have a plume of moisture moving in Wednesday night into Thursday. You will notice more filtered sunshine by the afternoon, which will eventually turn completely over to clouds. We should still warm up to the lower 60s for the second day in a row.

Swipe through the graphics below to see the temperatures in your community. The coldest spots to start the day will be in central Oregon (Deschutes County area). It continues to feel more like April and less like the second week of May.

The futurecast is picking up on some morning fog for the Portland and Vancouver area in the morning. We will likely avoid anything significant or commute-altering. We keep it nice and sunny through the lunchtime hours before we get back to the clouds afternoon. The futurecast is shoving that rain closer and closer to the coast by early afternoon. That rain should avoid the valley at this time, before seeing a few drops later in the night.

Snow should hold off from the mountains for the day. Once that moisture connects with the Cascades then we will start to see snow, which will come overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Have a great day!