PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Hard to believe after our long, hot, dry summer it’s already over. September 1 is the beginning of meteorological fall.

Arborist Jeff Moore with Urban Forest Pro said people should not wait until the next storm to take a close look at their trees. Splits in a V-shape or mushrooms growing under the tree are a sign of rot. And if you haven’t watered all summer, you might be in trouble.

Moore’s crew was very busy Monday after the storm barreled through the area this past weekend. Dead branches fell, limbs were torn off, open cavities created and other bigger problems caused by the drought.

Winter is the recommended time to trim trees but after the dry summer, some homeowners want to avoid a hole in the roof this winter.

The type of trees in your yard matter, too. Cottonwoods can be vulnerable to wind and rain. Some linden trees were yanked out by the weekend storm.