Who ordered more clouds and cooler temperatures?


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — We are experiencing one of those cool summer weekends with temperatures barely surfacing above 70 degrees. We can thank the northwest flow coming in with cool air and plenty of clouds (around Portland).

We have a day or two more of similar conditions, as temperatures remain below average until Tuesday. We should start the morning off with another layer of clouds. Temperatures are going to be in the upper 50s, and gradually warming through the morning hours.

A calm wind to start the day, with more of a whisk of wind in the afternoon. There will be some breezy moments out in the Columbia River Gorge today, with wind gusting into the lower 30s around Hood River. Temperatures in Portland reaching 73 degrees (give or take a few) by the afternoon. Hopeful that we break through the clouds in the afternoon today. We should have more sunshine than what Saturday brought to the table.

Like Saturday, there will be warmer temperatures and more sunshine in the southern areas of the Willamette Valley. Salem should hit the mid to upper 70s today, with most communities from Marion County south in a similar ballpark. Not that there isn’t much heat across the whole state today. The warmest temperatures are likely to be in the lower to mid-80s. That’s not too bad, considering we’ve had extreme temperatures this summer.

Outside of the west wind coming across the Gorge, most will be dealing with a northwest or northerly wind today. Make use of these temperatures, because we may be back to some warmer summer temperatures this time next weekend (we will see).

There is a low probability that we pick up on some rain in the morning, but there will be some patchy drizzle and isolated showers. Notice that the futurecast is picking up on that moisture in the morning, with clouds around Cowlitz, Clark and Multnomah counties. I would actually expect more cloud coverage out to the northwest Oregon Coast too.

If you happen to pick up some rain in the morning, count yourself lucky! We have barely had measurable rain this summer, so a drop here or there happens to be rare at this time. The chance for some raindrops is out of here by late morning, turning over to a cloudy mid-day, hoping to break free from the gloom. There is a better opportunity for sunshine this afternoon, and the futurecast seems to be painting that forecast as early as 3 p.m. Regardless, it will be a cool weekend with more clouds than sunshine for Portland.

What’s helpful about the onshore flow kicking in this weekend, is that it will eliminate most of the wildfire smoke. Air quality will be much improved around here, with many locations across the state today under a better belt of air. Southern Oregon will continue to deal with the hardest air quality hits, as wildfire smoke is just across the state line and the wildfires to the south continue to stream smoke to that area of the state. Whereas those of you in northern Oregon or eastern Oregon will see the wildfire smoke coming and going this week. High-level smoke in the early afternoon is just about clear around the Willamette Valley. There may be a haze in the sky for central Oregon, but it really is doing better today.

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