PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Thursday is going to be a morning of fighting with the wind. We may have one of our first sideways rain situations for the Oregon coast, too.

Weather alerts are in place for the wind on Thursday, which is expected to gust to the 60 mph range from Astoria south. That is likely the ceiling for the day, with a sustained wind speed running out of the south at 20 to 30 mph. This will actually arrive overnight into the morning hours. The wind will become less tenacious by the evening.

The wind is not expected to be as strong in the valley, but we have our own wind alerts to deal with here. A Wind Advisory is in place until Thursday evening. We could potentially record wind gusting to the 40-50 mph range. We have these type of wind storms each year, but this is our first to get November going.

You’ll want to grab the rain jacket Thursday as an umbrella may just fly out of your hands.

Wind gust weather models, that you can swipe through in the slideshow below, is projecting wind gusts in the 40 mph range before sunrise. Travel on Highway 101 is going to require active windshield wipers to start your day. Right now, it is the real estate from Pacific City south to Waldport that should expect the strongest wind. It may be weaker up near Astoria, but still enough to warrant a weather alert on Thursday.

Check out the futurecast for the early morning hours. Rain is expected across the state, but the heaviest showers will probably be around the Coast Range shortly after sunrise. You have to rewind an hour or two for the intense showers for the coast directly.

By mid-day, heavy rain for the Gorge and the foothills of the Cascades by lunch. It will be the window from 7 a.m. to noon, where the heavy rain will meet Portland. Mix the rain with the gusty conditions and you have the recipe for a stormy morning around here.

We can’t rule out scattered showers for the rest of the day, including your commute home. We will dry out a bit Thursday night before our next round of rain arrives on Friday.

Temperatures should top off around average in the upper 50s on Thursday. Cooling as the day continues as a front moves through and brings the temperatures down.