PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We aren’t going to be doing the Groundhog Day repeat for too long, but we will have a rerun of Monday’s forecast Tuesday.

Expect a morning full of fog, some locations dealing with dense fog and visibility may push below a mile. When we have this type of dense fog, we may even have some spots that drop below 1/4 mile. Fog should clear around the greater Portland metro area by lunch.

Learn more about the process of valley fog and temperature inversions here.

Difficulties clearing out the fog to the north and south, preventing some temperatures from warming too much on Tuesday. The Oregon coast may deal with some patchy fog, too, but it will clear quickly. A cool morning with a warm afternoon and temperatures out near Newport and up and down Lincoln County may hit the 60s. Talk about some nice weather for the coast right now.

If you swipe left or right through the graphics below, you can see the forecast for all the nearby zones. You’ll notice that the valley forecast brings in more fog for the morning. The afternoon will allow for the sun to try to take over. The wind is going to be light, if it does pick up, it will be running out of the east near Portland.

Temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 40s. Some locations may be down in the lower 40s (foggy), others pushing 50 (sun). One thing that will be common ground for all on Tuesday — the morning will be cold. Temperatures begin around freezing, which may mean some patchy areas of freezing fog today.

With morning fog and a strong cap over the Willamette Valley Tuesday, we may have more air quality problems. Right now we have an air stagnation advisory in place until Wednesday at noon. Pollutants are being stuck in the valley due to the lack of clearing. If you’re sensitive or concerned by the air quality, it may be better to do your outdoor activities indoors for a few days (exercise, etc.).